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Botox is a Celebrity in its Own Right

When someone mentions Botox, the injectable is so popular that people just assume it’s been around for decades. In truth, the FDA first approved Botox Cosmetic for aesthetic use only in 2002, just 13 years ago. But ever since its debut, Botox has taken over the aesthetic universe. Year in and year out, Botox injections… Read More »

Vitamin B12

Kick Up Your Weight Loss with Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin B12 is critical for the human body. It is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body. At Creative Laser, we provide vitamin B12 injections for our patients. What does vitamin B12 do? Vitamin B12 is the largest and most complex of… Read More »

Aqua Lipo

Let Water Do the Work with Aqua Lipo

As Americans have become heavier, liposuction has grown more and more popular as a way to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat that don’t respond to dietary changes and exercise. But traditional liposuction has been a relatively aggressive procedure, with the cannula being moved throughout the target area relatively violently to break up the… Read More »

Tattoo Removal

Say Goodbye to that Ugly Tattoo

Every tattoo has a story behind it, although some of those stories are hard to remember due to the varying hour of the night or the extent of the party. Unfortunately, the tattoo keeps on keeping on, even when your life has changed. The name of that love of your life? Not so welcome now… Read More »

Skin Cancer

Get to Know UVB and UVA Rays

When you live smack dab in the middle of Texas you’re going to get lots and lots of sun. And at Creative Laser Solutions, we treat all types of sun damage and skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We want our patients to know what they’re dealing with, so here’s a little primer… Read More »

Laser Vein Treatment

Zap Those Spider Veins Away

Spider veins sound creepy — perfect for Halloween! But the small red, purple, and blue blood vessels that show themselves on the legs, chest, and face are quite scary when you’re considering putting on a bathing suit or a skirt and don’t want anyone to see them. Their twisting, turning paths give them their name,… Read More »

Smoking Cessation

We’ll Help You Quit Smoking

No one wants to keep smoking, knowing the health effects, the costs, and the many other downsides of the habit. But smoking is known to be as addictive as heroin, so quitting isn’t easy at all. It takes a twofold approach to quit — you have to have the desire mentally and you have to… Read More »

Skin Cancer Treatment

Know the Different Types of Skin Cancer

No one wants to spend their every waking hour indoors, afraid to venture out into the sun. But truth be told, every time you’re out in the sun, you’re increasing your chances of developing skin cancer. Of course, you need to apply 30 spf sunscreen whenever you go outdoors, particularly for longer periods of time,… Read More »

Chemical Peels

Do You Still Believe in These Chemical Peel Untruths?

A chemical peel treatment is one of the most effective and safest ways to rejuvenate aging skin. Still, people have misconceptions regarding chemical peels. Let’s get rid of some of those. The basics Chemical peels are topically applied substances that help restore the skin’s youthful glow by removing the dead skin cells in the superficial… Read More »

Facial Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Options for a Younger Face

When they begin to appear — wrinkles, lines, and folds — it’s always alarming, especially for women. But crow’s feet, the elevens between your brows, sagging jowls, they’re inevitable signs that you’re getting older. Of course, you don’t have to take their appearance without a fight. You can opt for surgical solutions such as a… Read More »

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