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All of us could use a little help with body contouring. The human body just doesn’t always cooperate with our modern sedentary lifestyles and we tend to accumulate fat in pockets on our lower abdomen, upper thighs, flanks, and other problem spots.

At Creative Image Laser Solutions in Brownwood, TX, we put radiofrequency energy to work on your unwanted fat. The treatment is known as truSculpt ID and it removes up to one quarter of the fat cells in treatment areas.

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What is truSculpt ID?

Body Sculpting Brownwood TX TruSculpt ID provides an alternative to invasive liposuction surgery or Coolsculpt. The mechanism used by truSculpt ID is radiofrequency energy, which is delivered painlessly down through the epidermis into the dermis and fat layers of the skin with a simple gliding handpiece. This RF energy converts to heat and destroys fat cells through apoctosis, which are then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. In addition to reducing about 24 percent of the fat in the treatment areas, truSculpt’s RF energy also provides a secondary benefit of initiating new collagen production, which tightens the skin across the treatment areas.

How does truSculpt ID work?

At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we use two different handpieces with the TruSculpt ID system, depending on the area being treated. Both deliver low-frequency, high-conductivity RF energy deep into the skin. This energy can impact the entire fat layer down to muscle, while keeping the skin surface temperature comfortable. The RF energy converts to heat when it enters the dermis and fat layers of the skin, and this heat makes the fat cell walls rupture. Over the next few weeks, the body flushes these dead cells from the body as it does with any waste products. TruSculpt ID destroys up to 24 percent of the fat cells in the treatment area.

The FDA has approved TruSculpt ID for body contouring on the abdomen and the flanks.

Glide technique vs. stationary panels

The TruSculpt ID system delivers the RF energy through its two handpieces using a gliding, back and forth movement. Versus stationary panels or stamping delivery offered with other procedures, the glide technique is painless and allows even coverage of large treatment areas in a short period time.

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Am I A Candidate for Trusculpt ID?

Just about everyone has some degree of fat accumulation in certain areas, such as the lower abdomen and the flanks. Anyone with this problem is a great candidate for this procedure. It is completely non-invasive and there isn’t any recovery time. It does help if the patient still has good skin elasticity, enabling the skin to tighten down over the new slimmer contour.

What areas can be treated with truSculpt ID?

This is a new procedure. At this point, the FDA has cleared TruSculpt ID for use on the abdomen and the flanks. As with other body contouring procedures, such as CoolSculpting, this procedure will no doubt be cleared for more and more treatment areas. It has been used in other areas such as under the chin, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, and bra over hang.

body sculpting Patient Testimonials

Love , Love, Love this place and the people who work there. This makes me look and feel younger and what woman does not want that!! … I give them 5 stars!!

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What to expect during trusculpt ID treatment

Our Creative Image Laser Solutions patients love these procedures. Most patients don’t require any topical numbing prior to their treatment, as they equate the feeling to that of a hot stone massage. Your aesthetician chooses which of the two handpieces are best for your treatment area. Then the handpiece is simply glided back and forth across the treatment area. You don’t feel the radiofrequency energy, but when it enters the dermis and fat layer below, this energy converts to heat and that feels like a hot stone massage. The heat damages the walls of the fat cells, making the fat cells burst. The handpiece keeps your surface skin comfortable, but you can feel the heat beneath your skin’s surface. The temperatures are slowly increased to 43-45 degrees Celsius for fat cell death.

Your results will not be immediate, as your body needs to flush out the destroyed fat cells. This process takes a few weeks, so you’ll see your contour slimming and your results building. A great secondary benefit is that your skin also tightens with new collagen production over several weeks. This is the “wound response” triggered by so many skin-tightening procedures. This is helpful with truSculpt ID as it helps your skin tighten down to the slimmer contours.

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How long does a TruSculpt ID session take?

Unlike some body contouring procedures, TruSculpt ID is very fast — treating a single area takes just 15 minutes. Your session length depends on how many areas you are treating. Treating your entire abdomen circumference should take about one hour.

How soon after my treatment will I see results?

Complete results with TruSculpt ID are not immediate. There is some initial skin tightening, due to the RF energy triggering collagen production, but it takes time for the body to remove the destroyed fat cells. Patients usually begin to see changes beginning at six weeks, with results continuing to improve over four months.

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Will I need more than one TruSculpt ID session?

That depends on your goals. This is a new procedure at Creative Image Laser Solutions, so we are still seeing how different patients respond. We believe two TruSculpt ID sessions will provide the results most patients seek for a treatment area.

how long is recovery time after Trusculpt ID treatment?

As soon as your session is over, you can get back to your normal activities immediately.

Are my TruSculpt ID results permanent?

The fat cells destroyed with TruSculpt ID are gone for good. These are permanent results. Patients lose about 24 percent of the fat cells in the treatment areas.

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