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Depending upon the level of Vitamin D that experts believe someone should have, it is estimated that as many as 97% of Americans are lacking in Vitamin D. Conventional values for Vitamin D consider “30” but new data suggests that values of “50” are optimal for better health.

Even at the lower levels over 60% of Americans do not produce or supplement Vitamin D. Milk and other sources for Vitamin D do not make a significant difference in blood levels and 5,000IU of Vitamin D daily is considered optimal. Why is this important? Vitamin D is the only vitamin produced in the skin and is the result of sun exposure on the skin.

10 minutes of sun exposure to the skin results in the body producing more than the daily amount of Vitamin D needed per day. Vitamin D controls over 2,000 genes (30%) within the body and indirectly affects your resistance to disease, hormone levels, bone density, energy levels, and other body immune functions. Vitamin D has also been recently reported as a natural prevention for common ailments and general well being. So why can’t we supplement Vitamin D within our diets? Because it is naturally made within the skin it is not easily absorbed properly through oral (capsule) form. Magnesium, Boron and other vitamin and mineral supplements are needed to be taken in conjunction for the body to properly absorb over-the-counter vitamins.

Common symptoms/complications linked to and from Vitamin D deficiency are:

  • Increased susceptibility to Colds and Flu
  • Periodontal Disease and Cavities
  • Depression – other mental affective disorders
  • Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Various Cancers (Lung, Breast, Ovarian, Colon)
  • Asthma, Fatigue

Though not necessarily the cause for any of these diseases or disorders as there are other factors involved the common risk factor for each and every one of these diseases is a low Vitamin D level which raises the question as to the correlation to and relationship to these conditions.

Conventional medicine typically does not address nutrition deficiencies until a medical condition occurs or if by accidental finding. Many physicians do not understand the varying relationship between vitamin levels and medical and physical well being or how to replace or supplement properly your body’s own chemistry. Men, women, and children are all at risk for Vitamin D deficiency, blood tests can be performed to have these levels checked and new advances in nutriceuticals (physician prescribed supplements) can restore proper balances. If you are not happy with your general health or would like to receive piece of mind concerning your overall health and wellness please contact us.

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