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Photofacial is the most popular of the various laser procedures performed each year. A PhotoFacial involves a series of treatments, applied to the face using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which improves the appearance of sun damaged/aging skin, as well as reducing redness and flushing.

Photofacial treatments clear all pigmentation issues (browns/reds) with the skin, age spots gradually fade after 1-3 treatments and works very well with solar lentigos and other pigmentation issues. Areas of the body where pigmented lesions (browns/reds) that can be performed and treated include the face, hands, legs, and décolleté areas.

How IPL Treatment Works

The aim of IPL is to use light energies that will be selectively absorbed by pigmentation and vasculature (located in the upper dermis) to thermally coagulate all visible leasions. Over a series of treatments (1-3), the visible signs of aging such as age spots, uneven skin tone, and other brown/red spots will fade away. These lesions are destroyed permanently, however the propensity to create new lesions is permanently associated with your skin as it reflects prior damage created by UV rays and other damages. The key to any successful laser treatment is to prevent future damage by protecting your skin from additional UV damage as well as to increase cell turnover that will increase vasularization to soft tissues, create collagen, and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. IPL is gentle enough to allow for additional conjunctive treatments to be performed simultaneously but is strong enough to correct these skin disorders in a couple of treatments.

Other conditions that IPL/Photofacial works very well with are the outbreaks of Rosacea, hypertrophic scarring, burns, activating photodynamic acne therapies, and in fading hyperpigmentation that may have been created by other procedures to the skin. The procedure is painless, does not require any type of anesthesia, there is no downtime after the procedure, and your treatment can be performed in about (20) minutes or less with little or no side effects.

The improvement to IPL technologies now make this type of laser the choice of Dermatologists and other specialists in comparison to lasers. The wavelength that IPL can define is from 530nm to 1080nm wavelength that allows for the best tissue interaction between light and soft tissue creating the controlled wounding needed to correct a variety of aesthetic skin conditions. Flexibility of treatments now allow for better results in that adjustments to laser light energies now allow for more aggressive treatments for non-responders and insure better results!

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