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Longer Lashes for the New Year

At this time of year, everyone seems to think of resolutions they’d like to make: lose weight, exercise more, read more, and such. If you have thin eyelashes, maybe you should resolve to have longer, thicker eyelashes. And, no, we don’t mean to go out and buy a pair of false eyelashes. We want you… Read More »

Tattoo Removal Brownwood, TX

Tattoos are for Fantasy Island

OK, who’s old enough to remember Tattoo? No, not the Grim Reaper who now owns the acreage from your shoulder down your triceps. The character from the TV series Fantasy Island. Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Most likely if you have large portions of your body covered with tattoos you’re not old enough to have been around… Read More »

Liposuction Brownwood, TX

Liposuction with Help from a Laser

Liposuction has been around in the U.S. since the 80s, but it has continued to improve over the decades since its introduction. Today’s liposuction procedures have added injections of anesthetic and adrenaline to provide pain relief and minimize bruising. Some liposuction is done with ultrasound energy to help break up the fat. Others use a… Read More »

IPL Photofacial Brownwood, TX

IPL Photofacials

If you’re tired of those brown age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation, you need to get intense with it — Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) from Creative Image Laser Solutions. IPL improves sun-damaged skin, removes age spots, and helps with various pigmentation problems such as rosacea. What is Intense Pulsed Light? The name sounds kind of… Read More »

Turn Off the Sweat

It’s no secret — summers in Texas are toasty. Everyone sweats, but if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you sweat a ton. It can be embarrassing, even leading a person to avoid social situations. Often people with hyperhidrosis feel as if they’re the only one sweating excessively. But the truth is that four million Americans suffer… Read More »

Acne Therapies Brownwood, TX

Helping Your Teenager with Acne

While some people believe acne is a rite of passage of sorts for the teenage years, we don’t agree. At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we can help rid your teenager of the plague of acne, and all the embarrassment and self-doubt that goes with it. What causes acne? People used to believe that acne could… Read More »

Laser Vein Treatments Brownwood, TX

Lasers and Your Unwanted Veins

As we age, we all get little purple, red, and blue squiggly lines on our skin. Although they look as if they’re on the surface, they’re just below — spider veins. At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we put our lasers to work getting rid of these unsightly veins. Why do I have spider veins? Spider… Read More »

Skin Cancer Treatment Brownwood, TX

Fighting the Sun’s Rays

Human skin and the sun’s ultraviolet rays don’t play well together. That’s more of concern in sunny Texas where most days the sun is out at some time. Whether we’re out at Lake Brownwood, down on the Gulf, or just out playing golf or working in the yard, our skin gets bombarded by the UV… Read More »

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