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Don’t Invite Your Smile Lines to the Holiday Office Party

Smiling and laughing have been scientifically proven to be good for your health. Unfortunately, they’re not so good for our facial aging. Nasolabial folds, colloquially known as smile lines, run from the nose down to the corner of the mouth and are the result of hundreds of thousands of smiles over the years, coupled with… Read More »

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2021
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Fit woman doing side lunges indoors in a flat

Who Wants More Sculpted Muscles?

Over this past year of Zoom video and Netflix binging, many of us put on what has been called the COVID 10. Now that we’re sort of getting back to normal, we’ve vowed to get rid of the pounds and take better care of ourselves. Walking, going to Zumba classes, spin classes, running, and other… Read More »

Studio shot of a beautiful young woman posing against a gray background

Chemicals = Better Skin. What?

Lots of things seem to get slower as we age. Our collagen production slows and our skin sags because of it. Our metabolism slows and we gain weight easier. Our movement slows from a healthy gait to an eventual shuffle.  Even our skin cells don’t shed themselves with the same frequency as they did when… Read More »

Shape that Fat into Line

At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we don’t take it easy on the unwanted fat of our patients. In fact, we make it our mission to get rid of the stuff. We actually have four different treatments that can remove the fat and slim your contour: truSculpt, SmartLipo, AquaLipo, and VelaShape.  While the first three are… Read More »

Stop the Sweat this Summer

Things can get a little toasty during a summer in Brownwood, and that’s a problem if you’re one of the estimated four million Americans who suffer from severe, excessive sweating. The condition, known as hyperhidrosis, can keep a person from engaging in many social situations and it can be emotionally difficult.  Treatments for hyperhidrosis have… Read More »

Understanding Acne

Acne. Stop right there! Your teenager just ran out of the room screaming!  Yes, that single word, clinically known as acne vulgaris, is way scarier to a teenager than Saw V. Acne can ruin a young person’s life, at least in their minds, or surely cause a crimp in their self-esteem. Sure, it may have… Read More »

Spring into Some New Skin Cells

Spring is always a time of renewal. Never does that seem more important than this spring, coming off the dreadful past year of COVID. Your skin loves renewal. And it usually needs it because we’ve all spent a little too much time out in the ever-present Texas sun. April is a good time to give… Read More »

Losing Weight with Three Letters

After the holidays and the endless hours indoors thanks to this never-ending virus, many of us have added a few extra pounds heading into 2021. Some people are calling it the COVID 15. With all the time online, you may have been doing some research into getting a little help with getting rid of those… Read More »

Give Your Skin Some Love with SkinMedica

At Creative Image our name may say “laser solutions,” but we’re really skin and body solutions. It’s never too soon to start taking better care of your skin. That’s particularly true in a sunny place like Brownwood. So, along with our awesome assortment of laser and other aesthetic treatments such as SmartLipo we’re proud to… Read More »

Body Contouring with truSculpt

After thankfully turning the calendar from the loser year that was 2020 and this never-ending virus, it’s time to look ahead. January is typically a month where we all make resolutions in areas we’d like to change. For many of us that means losing some of those stubborn pockets of fat. No matter what kind… Read More »

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