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The woman gracefully crosses her legs with vascular stars, runs her hand over them.

Spider Veins Are Not the Stuff of Comic Book Legend

Everyone loves Spiderman. In fact, he’s so cool that most people would opt to be bitten by a radioactive spider just so we could have his Spidey powers. And what of his spider veins? Uh, they’re not so cool. Well, you can’t see them in his Spidey suit, but if he had them, they would… Read More »

Laser Vein Treatments Brownwood, TX

Lasers and Your Unwanted Veins

As we age, we all get little purple, red, and blue squiggly lines on our skin. Although they look as if they’re on the surface, they’re just below — spider veins. At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we put our lasers to work getting rid of these unsightly veins. Why do I have spider veins? Spider… Read More »

3 Tips for Relief from Varicose Veins and How Sclerotherapy Can Help

Apart from making your legs look ugly, varicose veins also cause pain and discomfort. Here at our Brownwood laser practice, the most common complaint of people (mostly women!) with veiny legs is that burning, cramping, and throbbing feeling in the lower legs, sometimes accompanied with itching and the appearance of skin ulcers. We offer the… Read More »

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