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Debunking Common Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself by wearing art directly on your skin. However, sometimes you decide a tattoo is no longer for you. Perhaps you’re making room for a new tattoo, simply have grown out of it, or maybe it didn’t come out the way you were hoping it would. Whatever the… Read More »

Do You Rue Your Tattoo?

In Brownwood it gets pretty toasty starting about this time of year, and we all wear less clothing to cope with the heat. That means people will see more and more of those tattoos. For many people that’s great; it’s the reason they got the tattoo in the first place. But for others, they have… Read More »

Tattoo Removal Brownwood, TX

Tattoos are for Fantasy Island

OK, who’s old enough to remember Tattoo? No, not the Grim Reaper who now owns the acreage from your shoulder down your triceps. The character from the TV series Fantasy Island. Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Most likely if you have large portions of your body covered with tattoos you’re not old enough to have been around… Read More »

Tattoo Removal

Say “Scat” to the Tat

Were you on a bender and the next day found yourself all “tatted up?” Yes, the explosion of tattoo parlors has made it quite easy to make an impulsive decision that leaves an indelible mark. Unfortunately, now that tattoo of the bird in flight up the side of your neck doesn’t go well with the… Read More »

Tattoo Removal

Say Goodbye to that Ugly Tattoo

Every tattoo has a story behind it, although some of those stories are hard to remember due to the varying hour of the night or the extent of the party. Unfortunately, the tattoo keeps on keeping on, even when your life has changed. The name of that love of your life? Not so welcome now… Read More »

Tattoo Removal in Brownwood: How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Do you have a tattoo that you want to be removed? Tattoo Removal in Brownwood is the answer. Regardless of the reason why you want a tattoo removed, we at Creative Image Laser Solutions can help you. We make use of the MedLite Laser when removing tattoo. It usually takes 5 to 15 treatments for… Read More »

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