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HCG Therapy creative image laser solutions HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is best known as a pregnancy hormone that is produced by the embryo soon after conception. HCG is the hormone that is used to test for pregnancy. This hormone evolved to direct the bodies of pregnant women to use their own fat as a source of calories for the developing fetus.

When produced during pregnancy, HCG is meant to help the corpus luteum remain intact. The corpus luteum, which is part of the ovary, is integral in maintaining production of the progesterone that is an important component of human pregnancy. In addition to preventing the disintegration of the corpus luteum, researchers believe that HCG provides pregnant women with extra immunity during pregnancy.

The high levels of HCG that are produced during pregnancy have no negative effects on the pregnant woman’s body. In fact, doctors have used HCG for many years in order to help women who are experiencing hormonal issues or fertility problems.

More recently, however, researchers have found that HCG can actually help the body burn fat and can be used to aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy low calorie diet and a moderate exercise routine. This discovery confirmed that patients who used HCG plus a 500-calorie per day diet to direct the bodies of overweight people to burn fat instead of muscle. Although HCG is associated with pregnancy, it can safely be used by both men and women that are looking to get their weight under control.

Most of the information that is circulating on the internet fails to mention what you can do to get optimum results from an HCG Weight Loss Program. Getting and taking HCG for weight loss is just the beginning, and even that first step is full of pitfalls if you don’t know what you are doing. For that reason, I have created and incorporated into our program that entails the following components for ensuring maximum health weight loss:

  • Sublingual (oral) HCG that is exactly as effective as injections
  • Set of critical supplements that boost nutrient absorption (a must if you are consuming only 500 calories per day), increase metabolism, and control blood sugar and insulin spikes that slow down fat metabolism.
  • Complete directions and recipes for getting the results you want.
  • Consultations and Q&A with professionals to guide you from beginning to end, step by step, to your successful and long-
  • term weight loss.

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