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Shaving and waxing your hair can be frustrating; from the razor bumps to the ingrown hair, it’s time-consuming–not to mention the money spent on shaving creams, razors, wax, and more. You already know you don’t want hair there, so why not permanently remove it? That’s where IPL hair removal comes in. Laser hair removal remains the number one cosmetic laser treatment in the United States. Underarm, facial, bikini, leg, and back hair are easily eliminated using the latest in IPL laser hair reduction technologies. Check out Creative Image Laser Solutions for the best in IPL hair removal in Brownwood, TX.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

For permanent hair removal, the hair follicle’s bulb, bulge, and papilla must be destroyed using joules of light energy. IPL laser hair removal requires a target (melanin) to see the actual hair within the follicle, so it is not as effective with blonde and white (gray) hair individuals.

How Many Treatments Does It Require?

The number of treatments varies based on the hair growth cycles of various body locations and is safe and comfortable for the patient. The reason for multiple treatments is that the target of the laser hair treatment is melanin. Only actively growing hair contains melanin in the bulb and germinal matrix of the hair. The growth cycles for hair are Anagen (active growth), Telogen (no growth), and Cathagen (hair is ejected) stages of development. Lasers only effectively treat the hair in its Anagen Phase, which is why multiple treatments are required.

Body Location

% Anagen Hair

Telogen Stage

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Who Is a Candidate for IPL Hair Removal?

An important factor in IPL laser hair removal is the differences in patient skin types and how we can safely treat patients with darker skin types or who have different ethnic backgrounds. In these cases, there is a variation in treatment to personalize it to each individual skin type. That being said, anyone can participate in IPL hair removal, but it has been shown to be more effective on those with lighter skin types.

What Is the Procedure for IPL Laser Hair Removal?

There are two factors that are important in determining the right type of treatment: Laser wavelength and pulse duration.

  • Longer wavelengths penetrate deeper under the skin, sparing the epidermis and effectively wounding the hair follicle residing in the dermis.
  • Pulse durations determine the amount of thermal damage that can be obtained when each laser shot is administered.
  • Short pulse durations give more thermal damage, and longer pulse durations are safer for darker skin and compromise effect.

Your doctor will be able to determine the specific treatment plan that will be best based on your hair and skin type.

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

Aside from boosting your confidence and making you feel more comfortable in your skin, there are several benefits to IPL hair removal, including:

  • Saving money used on shaving or waxing services
  • Preventing ingrown hairs
  • Treatment times are short
  • Saving time spent shaving or waxing hair

If you’re tired of shaving, wondering when you last shaved, and feeling self-conscious about hair growth, it’s time to start IPL hair removal. Creative Image Laser Solutions treats every patient uniquely so that you get the best treatment for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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IPL laser hair removal requires expertise in wavelength selection, fluency, pulse duration, and cooling (skin relaxation) in order to give comfortable and effective treatments. Creative Image Laser Solutions are the IPL laser hair removal experts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We can make fluency adjustments for anatomical location, hair and skin color, diameter and depth of hair follicles, and hair density. Call us at (325) 641-1927 or fill out our online contact form and schedule your consultation today.

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