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Maybe you have lost the weight, exercise regularly, eat health, had lipo-surgery, or recently had a baby only to realize that no matter what you have tried you still suffer from the unwanted appearance of cellulite. In a recent study, over 80% of women claimed to have some unwanted cellulite part of which because females connective tissues are vertical as compared to males which tend to be more diagonal in the subcutaneous fat compartments where fat is stored thus causing the contour issues of the skin associated with cellulite.

What causes Cellulite to form?

However, the major causes of cellulite are multi-factorial but mainly include one or more of the following conditions:

  • Poor Vascular Function
  • Poor Lymphatic Drainage
  • Stiff Connective Tissue
  • Trapped Fat
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Estrogen Dominance)
  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Lifestyle Issues

The part of the body Cellulite commonly occurs

Cellulite is most often seen in the thighs and buttocks areas. However, the septae that connect to the skin exist throughout the body. For this reason, some people may notice dimpling on the backs of the arms, the stomach, or the back. 

Who is a candidate for Cellulite treatment?

Cellulite primarily affects women due to the pattern of the connective tissue and fibrous septae that tether the skin to underlying tissue. Women of all ages can struggle with the appearance of cellulite. Those who understand what treatment can accomplish, and what it cannot, may be good candidates for cellulite reduction. Expectations are a relevant factor in patient satisfaction. At this time, research has no definitive answer regarding the longevity of cellulite treatment results. Patients who choose to undergo treatment should understand that there is not, at this time, significant indication that cellulite treatments are a permanent solution. 

Is Cellulite treatment painful?

Cellulite treatment is not painful. A provider may perform the procedure utilizing appropriate local anesthetic if necessary. For the most part, what patients feel during their treatment is pressure. While pain is a subjective sensation, most people tolerate their procedure just fine. Some patients report mild soreness after their cellulite treatment. This dissipates over the course of a few days and may be soothed by applying cool compresses. 

How we treat Cellulite

Cellulite cannot be eliminated by dieting and exercise alone. Diet and exercise affect deep fat but fail to reach the superficial tissue of the skin. Weight and fat may be reduced but cellulite remains even for women who exercise regularly and follow low-fat, nutritious diets may still have cellulite.

Not all available treatments address all of the possible factors for cellulite, thus various therapies are combined to receive results. We take a combination approach to the treatment of cellulite using all available technologies and research available. There is no one solution for cellulite as many claim and therefore Creative Image Laser Solutions offers the newest in treatment modalities for our patients so they can gain clearance from this aesthetic condition for the greater Brownwood, TX area.

Patient testimonial

“The staff is excellent and sees to your every comfort during any procedure. I’m seeing amazing results and especially appreciate all my questions being answered at any time before and after a treatment.” -Sylinda M

What happens if Cellulite goes untreated?

Cellulite is not a medical concern. This cosmetic condition may or may not worsen over time. Fortunately, cellulite treatment is a safe and convenient solution that can be scheduled at any time. Untreated cellulite does not become a medical concern, but it may become more cosmetically frustrating. Healthy lifestyle habits that help manage weight may prevent significant worsening, though other factors, such as genetics, may also influence how cellulite presents over time. 

Can I combine Cellulite treatment with other procedures?

Patients often schedule multiple treatments in a single appointment. Cellulite treatment can be combined with other procedures to maximize time and recovery. When you consult with one of our specialists, we can discuss your concerns and desired improvements and develop a personal treatment plan based on our conversation. 

What is recovery like after cellulite Treatment?

Patients who undergo cellulite treatment typically have little, if any, downtime. Many cellulite-removal patients can go right back to work and other daily activities immediately after their procedure. Your provider may make certain recommendations intended to help you get the most out of your procedure.

The results you should expect from your cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment may take some time to provide meaningful aesthetic results. It may take several weeks to visualize the final outcome of the procedure. After that point, patients may enjoy smoother, tighter-looking skin for years before the evidence of cellulite begins to reappear. This is difficult to predict because there are several factors that contribute to the development and visibility of cellulite. Ideally, patients who undergo cellulite treatment remain committed to a healthy, active lifestyle that facilitates optimal weight-management. In this circumstance, we expect the outcome of treatment to last years. 

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