Frequently Asked Questions Acne

What do you mean by Acne?

Acne or Acne Vulgaris is a common skin problem among teens. Acne is the result of excessive oil production by the oil glands. Acne is not restricted to any particular skin type or person. It can happen to anybody and on any skin type.

To get rid of Acne, people try out various option like home remedies, creams, cleansers, etc. Though they have some effects on the skin they have their own side effects as well. We offer you a better solution for acne with no such side effects. For more details and information please call us and receive a free consultation with one of our physician specialists.

What is IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Acne Treatment Process?

This procedure using a very high intensity pulsed light for treating the skin acne. Patients opting for IPL are asked to remove their makeup before the treatment. The patients are also provided eye protections as a bright light are used for treatment. A cold gel is applied on the skin followed by IPL applicationon the affected skin surface.

Patients feel a sensation of sharp snapping during the course of the treatment. The most significant aspect of the treatment procedure is that the pulsed light used by IPL kills the bacteria causing acne. The treatment process also increases the enzymes that reduce the acne.

What is the effect of the treatment on the skin?

For few hours after the IPL treatment the skin looks pink. Within few days the various sizes of acne starts drying up and a normal skin appears.

To get more effective results multiple treatments are needed to reduce the bacteria load of inflammatory acne. However, the number of sitting depends upon the condition of the acne. Mild acne requires 8 weeks of treatment with 6 to 8 sitting. Severe acne may need 2 treatments per week. Course of treatment includes self treatment at home by using products provided by the centre after a proper guidance on its usages.

What is Photodynamic Therapy for treating severe Acnes?

Photodynamic therapy is very effective for treating severe cases of acne. It uses a chemical called Amino Levulinic Acid or ALA. This is used before the IPL application.

After the treatment a patient is required to stay indoors for a minimum period of 1-2 days. Otherwise there are chances of severe side effects. Inflammation of the skin commonly occurs during this phase. Within three days acne disappears from the skin and the skin remains clean and clear for many months.

How Acne treatment helps?

Acne treatment can help in treating black heads or white heads. It also helps in the management of oily skin and acne cysts. We also use a variety of treatment options to attain these results including using topicals, oral antibiotics, birth control (females), and Spirolactin in addition to the actual mechanical treatments we perform.

What are the benefits of Acne Treatment?

The treatment reduces acne problems, improves the skin complexion, and makes the skin oil free. You enjoy an enhanced self confidence with stunning looks.

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