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Reasons for the development of unwanted facial and leg veins range from genetics, lifestyle, sun damage, workplace factors, and hormonal changes (ie pregnancies). IPL laser vein treatments eliminate the veins that are present at this time, new unwanted spider veins and telangectasias can continue to appear after the treatments so maintenance is sometimes necessary for total clearance.

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What is an IPL Laser Vein Treatment?

IPL laser vein treatments effectively treat facial veins and unwanted leg veins that are superficially residing in the epidermal area of the skin. IPL works very well in eliminating spider veins and telangiectasias by selective photocoagulation of the unwanted vein by targeting hemoglobin (oxy and de-oxy). The IPL light energy is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin but the real target is the blood vessel wall which is achieved by thermal transfer. Selectivity ensures that the thermal effect is limited to the vessel and the surrounding tissue structures are spared.

Is IPL laser vein treatment effective on all skin types?

Intense pulsed light works best when there is good contrast between the skin color and the color of the vein. That is typical in all but the darkest of skin tones. It’s likely that IPL will work well for removing your spider veins.

Am I a candidate for IPL laser vein treatment?

Basically, anyone can remove unwanted spider veins with this method. The procedure is topical, so there are no incisions or necessary recovery time. You shouldn’t have any active skin conditions on the areas where you want to remove your spider veins or telangiectasias. For instance, if we’re treating facial telangiectasias you shouldn’t have active rosacea or eczema flareup happening.

How Long Does an IPL Laser Treatment Take? Varicose vein laser surgery recovery and prevention

Treatments are done in 15 minute or 30-minute sessions which is ample time to cover the affected areas.

What are the advantages of using lasers for vein removal?

Whether you prefer laser vein removal or sclerotherapy — we offer both treatments at Creative Image Laser Solutions — there are differences. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the vein to make it collapse and close off. Some people don’t like the numerous injections and the sclerosant can cause itching and irritation for a short period of time after your session.

Sclerotherapy is not used on the face, so facial telangiectasias will need IPL treatment. IPL treatments, obviously, don’t involve any injections and they can treat numerous veins in the area at one time.

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Are there any risks of infection with IPL laser vein treatments?

IPL treatments for spider veins and telangiectasias are noninvasive. Nothing penetrates the epidermis, so there is not any risk for infection. This is a difference with sclerotherapy, where some patients may have a reaction to the sclerosant and there is a slight risk of infection.

Is IPL laser vein treatment painful?

These are comfortable treatments. You can feel a sensation akin to a small rubber band being snapped on the skin when every IPL pulse is delivered, but these are easy to tolerate.

How Many IPL Laser Sessions Will I Need?

IPL Laser vein removal works in 1-2 sessions, and treatments are approximately 4-6 weeks apart depending upon the area and extent of the treatment. IPL Laser Vein has advantages over traditional sclerotherapy as it allows for better coverage of areas, not limited to certain body areas, and is painless to the patient for spider veins and telangiectasias.

Is there any recovery from an IPL laser vein treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, you may feel a slight bump on the skin above the treated vein, but this goes away within a few hours. The area may also look a little redder as if it is bruised. If you’re having a number of veins treated, we will recommend wearing a support hose for a week or two to help the body begin the process of removing the veins. But there isn’t any downtime or need to avoid any activities.

Will I see results immediately after my IPL laser vein treatment?

After we hit the vein with the laser energy, it is visibly diminished immediately. The color will change from dark blue or purple to light red, making the vein resemble a cat scratch. It will then fade away completely as the body reabsorbs the vein over the next 4-6 weeks.

Will I have scarring after an IPL laser vein treatment?

Not at all. The IPL energy doesn’t impact the surface skin in the least. The IPL energy penetrates the epidermis harmlessly and the energy is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the vein. The hemoglobin absorbs the light energy and it converts to heat. This all occurs under the skin. After the spider vein or telangiectasia closes off the body scavenges and removes it completely over the new few weeks.

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Are my results from IPL laser vein treatment permanent?

Yes. The veins that close off after receiving the IPL energy will not reopen or return. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot form new spider veins and telangiectasias.

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