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The Benefits of Regular Chemical Peels

Imagine giving your skin a fresh start, unveiling a brighter, more youthful you. Chemical peels, a simple cosmetic treatment, play a pivotal role in achieving such a transformation. These treatments work their magic by gently peeling away the outermost layer of your skin. This process not only minimizes the look of fine lines and sun damage… Read More »

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Chemicals = Better Skin. What?

Lots of things seem to get slower as we age. Our collagen production slows and our skin sags because of it. Our metabolism slows and we gain weight easier. Our movement slows from a healthy gait to an eventual shuffle.  Even our skin cells don’t shed themselves with the same frequency as they did when… Read More »

Spring into Some New Skin Cells

Spring is always a time of renewal. Never does that seem more important than this spring, coming off the dreadful past year of COVID. Your skin loves renewal. And it usually needs it because we’ve all spent a little too much time out in the ever-present Texas sun. April is a good time to give… Read More »

Forcing Your Skin to Exfoliate

Everyone loves exfoliation — the removal of some or all of the surface layer of the skin to real healthier, younger-looking skin beneath. Of course, snakes take exfoliation to the extreme, shedding their entire outer skin. No wonder snakes don’t show any wrinkles! At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we use various chemical peeling agents to… Read More »

Chemical Peels

Do You Still Believe in These Chemical Peel Untruths?

A chemical peel treatment is one of the most effective and safest ways to rejuvenate aging skin. Still, people have misconceptions regarding chemical peels. Let’s get rid of some of those. The basics Chemical peels are topically applied substances that help restore the skin’s youthful glow by removing the dead skin cells in the superficial… Read More »

What to Expect After a Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peels for skin rejuvenation aren’t anything new. Their earliest recorded use dates back to ancient Egypt when Cleopatra used sour milk (lactic acid) to keep her skin supple and naturally youthful. Today, there are a wide variety of chemical peels available, and what’s best for you will generally depend on your existing cosmetic issues… Read More »

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Reveal Smoother Skin with Chemical Peels!

Sun exposure, pollutants, acne, and the aging process cause skin imperfections. Fortunately, the appearance of the skin can be improved through chemical peels. Chemical Peels in Brownwood is available at Creative Image Laser Solutions. The procedure involves the removal of the layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother and healthier-looking skin. Before considering a… Read More »

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Skin Resurfacing: Is It For You?

Pigmentation changes and facial wrinkling in the skin are influenced by a combination of factors — from aging to sun exposure to nutrition. This is where skin resurfacing comes into the picture. Here at our Brownwood cosmetic care practice, we have helped men and women alike improve the appearance of their skin through a variety… Read More »

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