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Smoking Cessation Brownwood, TX

Kicking the Habit for Good

Everyone knows smoking is bad for them. But nicotine is ranked as basically equivalent to heroin in terms of its addictive qualities. That’s why various studies have shown the individual success rate when a person tries to quit smoking is less than one in five. At Creative Image Laser Solutions, smoking cessation is one of… Read More »

Smoking Cessation

We’ll Help You Quit Smoking

No one wants to keep smoking, knowing the health effects, the costs, and the many other downsides of the habit. But smoking is known to be as addictive as heroin, so quitting isn’t easy at all. It takes a twofold approach to quit — you have to have the desire mentally and you have to… Read More »

Quit the Stick With Our Smoking Cessation Program

The negative health effects of tobacco use is well publicized but it’s quite ironic that more people still find themselves lighting a stick. Despite the repeated warnings of smoking as a risk factor for cancer, heart disease, and stroke, most people are still having a hard time quitting. Here at our Brownwood cosmetic surgery practice, it’s… Read More »

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