Do You Rue Your Tattoo?

In Brownwood it gets pretty toasty starting about this time of year, and we all wear less clothing to cope with the heat. That means people will see more and more of those tattoos.

For many people that’s great; it’s the reason they got the tattoo in the first place. But for others, they have a certain amount of regret about their tattoo. It could have been a good idea 10 years ago, or it could have been the tequila talking. Or, life could have changed and now you rue your tattoo.

We can help you with that at Creative Image Laser Solutions.

Aging skin is not tattoo-friendly skin

Everyone’s skin ages. Well, not Dracula’s or the neck biters from Twilight, but everyone else watches as their skin loses its collagen supply (collagen is the protein that provides and maintains the skin’s support structure) and its elastin (the protein that keeps the skin supple). Throw in sun damage and your skin becomes looser and less elastic. For a tattoo, that means the sharp lines and definition of days gone by are no longer so defined. Give it another 10 years and you may be hard pressed to even be able to make out what the tattoo is supposed to be. All of this is exacerbated with weight gain.

Removing it

It used to be that there were only three ways to get rid of a tattoo: surgery to remove the skin, acid bleaching, and dermabrasion (basically sandblasting of your skin). All of them were just as pleasant as they sound.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue in the form of the laser. Lasers can remove any tattoo, returning your arm, neck, shoulder, calf, or wherever to its pre-tattooed clarity. At Creative Image, we use the MedLite Laser for tattoo removal, employing different wavelengths for the different colors in the tattoo.

How does it work?

Our lasers deliver quick high-energy pulses that are absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo. The energy breaks the pigment into particles small enough that they can then be cleared from the body by the lymphatic system.

Now many treatments are necessary?

It’s very difficult to pinpoint just how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo completely. This is because of the different ink colors, as well as the depth the ink has been placed. Single black tattoos with the name of your former boyfriend are easy. Multicolor scenes from Lord of the Rings, not so much. Black, red, dark orange, and dark blue tattoos respond quickly, while certain other colors such as green, purple, brown, and light colors take more time. Most tattoos require a number of treatments spaced from six to eight weeks apart. Tattoos generally take from 3 to 13 treatments to go the way of the passenger pigeon.

Does it hurt?

The procedure has some discomfort, but not much. We apply an anesthetic cream to the location prior to beginning the laser treatment. After each treatment, you will have three to four days of sensitivity at the site. You’ll also need to apply an over-the-counter antibiotic to the site and keep it covered.

If you want to get rid of your tattoo, give us a call at Creative Image Laser Solutions, (325) 641-1927.

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