3 Tips for Relief from Varicose Veins and How Sclerotherapy Can Help

  • Posted on: Nov 10 2013
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Apart from making your legs look ugly, varicose veins also cause pain and discomfort. Here at our Brownwood laser practice, the most common complaint of people (mostly women!) with veiny legs is that burning, cramping, and throbbing feeling in the lower legs, sometimes accompanied with itching and the appearance of skin ulcers.

We offer the following tips to help reduce your pain and discomfort from varicose veins:

1. Keep moving with low-impact exercises such as swimming and walking.

Regular sessions of these exercises will improve circulation in your calf muscles consequently improving overall circulation in your legs. If you spend most of your day sitting, keep your legs uncrossed most of the time and periodically do an ankle rotation. You can also flex and point your feet 10 times at regular intervals for improved leg circulation.

2. Elevate your legs as often as you can.

Gravity significantly affects the appearance of varicose veins so try to have your legs propped up on a stool, box, or ottoman while you’re relaxing at home. When you’re lying down in bed, how about some extra pillows placed under your feet?

3. Be a fan of support socks!

Support socks provide the needed compression to improve leg circulation. The good news is that these socks are now available in fashionable colors and a variety of skin tones. No need to commit fashion faux-pas to keep your legs pain-free!

Sclerotherapy at the Creative Image Laser Solutions for Varicose Veins

Creative Image Laser Solutions offers a wide variety of sclerotherapy treatment options for unwanted leg veins including lasers and injectable therapies. Visit us for an initial consultation with Dr. Butka by calling 325.641.1927 or by filling out this contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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