Less Sweating for a Hot Brownwood Summer

Everyone sweats during our hot summers here in Brownwood, but some people sweat much more, and not necessarily due to the heat. Excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, is estimated to affect nearly 8 million people around the world, with over 4 million in the U.S.

Hyperhidrosis can be very difficult emotionally and socially. Most people who suffer from this condition try everything from prescription anti-perspirants to Botox to invasive surgeries, but the sweat usually seems to return.

At Creative Image Laser Solutions we offer a better treatment called Precision Tx™. Precision Tx™ utilizes laser energy to target and ablate the function of sweat glands in the underarms.

What is Precision Tx?

Precision Tx™ is a new application of our Sidelaze800™ laser by Cynosure. The design of the laser allows energy and heat to be directed upward toward the surface of the skin, directly at the sweat glands.

How is Precision Tx done?

For these treatments, we first apply topical anesthetic to your underarms. The laser is designed to deliver energy to targeted tissues in small areas, in this case the axillary glands in the armpits. We then deliver the laser energy, which converts to heat energy, down onto the hair follicles (the sweat glands secrete into the hair follicles) using a laser fiber within a cannula. When the light energy converts to heat, it is absorbed by the hair and travels down into the hair follicle where it damages the follicle and the adjacent sweat glands.

How successful is Precision Tx?

This is a one-time procedure and we have had great success with it. The goal is axillary gland ablation. Six months after a single Precision Tx™ treatment research shows up to a 96% reduction in sweat. The degree can vary somewhat with the individual patient, but sweating was decreased to the degree that it could be managed easily with standard over-the-counter anti-perspirants.

Does Precision Tx hurt?

This one-time procedure doesn’t hurt because we first provide topical anesthetic to your underarms. During the delivery of the laser energy, you may feel a pressure-type sensation, but this isn’t painful. Afterwards, your underarms may ache somewhat for a day or so. You may also have slight bruising.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, Precision Tx™ could be a great procedure for you. Call us at Creative Image Laser Solutions, (325) 641-1927, to schedule a consultation.

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