Treating Premature Hair Loss in Men with Brownwood Hormone Therapies

  • Posted on: Mar 8 2013
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Aging in men is characterized by low testosterone levels which often lead to low energy levels, reduced sex drive, and premature hair loss. While declining testosterone levels are nothing to be surprised about when it comes to aging, Brownwood male hormone therapies will help reverse symptoms such as thinning hair and premature hair loss. Continue reading to find out more about hair loss in men and its treatments.

What Causes Male Pattern Hair Loss?
By and large, male pattern hair loss is caused by 3 major factors: age, genes, and hormones. By the age of 45, around a third of the male population starts losing their hair. By the time they retire, nearly all of them have experienced hair loss.

Genetically speaking, males who are prone to developing baldness have hair follicles which are very sensitive to  the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). By the time testosterone is converted into DHT, the hair follicles shrink resulting to finer hair until the hair stops growing.

Apart from the three factors previously mentioned, premature hair loss is also influenced by nutrition. The poorer the nutritional intake, the greater the chances of thinning hair.

Hair Loss Treatments in Brownwood
Here at the Creative Image Laser Solutions team, we make use of the multi-factorial approach in treating premature hair loss.  We take into effect nutrition, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle issues, and your past medical history in addressing the issue. Hormonal panels are typically performed and a natural balancing of your hormones is prescribed if needed as well as recommendations for diet and nutritional products to reverse thinning or premature hair loss. We understand that hair loss is multifaceted and will address these factors in a variety of treatment protocols.

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