Shape that Fat into Line

At Creative Image Laser Solutions, we don’t take it easy on the unwanted fat of our patients. In fact, we make it our mission to get rid of the stuff. We actually have four different treatments that can remove the fat and slim your contour: truSculpt, SmartLipo, AquaLipo, and VelaShape. 

While the first three are pretty well known in the aesthetic universe, VelaShape isn’t. So, in this toasty July blog from Brownwood, let’s shape things up with VelaShape. 

What are the benefits of VelaShape? 

VelaShape is FDA-cleared for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and temporary reduction of thigh and abdominal circumference. Who couldn’t use a little help with both of those perpetual problems? VelaShape enables our Creative Image patients to successfully achieve a toned, contoured, and well-shaped body in just three treatment sessions. There isn’t any downtime or pain.

How does VelaShape work?

The procedure involves a three-pronged approach, utilizing bi-polar radiofrequency energy, infrared light energy, and vacuum technology. The combination causes deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue, and underlying collagen fibers. This heating, combined with vacuum pressure, stimulates growth of new collagen and elastin (the two proteins responsible for skin support). The result is a reduction in skin laxity and body volume, and improved skin structure and texture.  

What can you expect from a VelaShape treatment?

Most of Dr. Butka’s patients equate a VelaShape treatment to the feeling of having a deep tissue massage. This procedure involves slight pulling of the skin, which is a result of a pulsed vacuum device that prepares the skin and positions it appropriately for treatment. Patients also feel a warm sensation from the radiofrequency and light energy. Overall, nothing in the treatment will make you feel uncomfortable. A VelaShape session usually takes 20 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area treated.

Is there any recovery time after a VelaShape treatment? 

There isn’t any recovery time necessary after these treatments at our Brownwood offices. You can get right back to work or your other activities. 

Are you interested in a little contouring in the midst of a hot Texas summer? Call us at Creative Image Laser Solutions, (325) 641-1927, and ask about VelaShape.

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