Look Younger the Natural Way with Autologous Fat Transfer

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2014
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Do you wish to improve facial contour, reduce frown lines, and add definition the chin and cheeks? Do you have depressed scars in different parts of the body that need to be filled out? Here at Creative Image Laser Solutions, Dr. Butka performs autologous fat transfer in Brownwood to improve contour, reverse the signs of aging, and add volume to different areas of the body. The procedure has a lot of benefits and we have outlined them for you.

  • It is natural and non-allergenic since fat from your own body will be used during the procedure.
  • It is a quick procedure that can be done in the office of Dr. Butka in less than 30 minutes. Even the busiest people can take advantage of fat transfer without ruining their schedules.
  • The results are expected to last for 3 to 5 years and may even be permanent.
  • It is a comfortable procedure where tumescent anesthesia is used, allowing the patient to stay conscious all throughout.
  • The incision in the harvesting point is very small and can be covered by a small bandage.
  • Post-procedure instructions are very minimal.
  • Autologous fat transfer can be repeated without any contraindications.
  • It is the best dermal filler available since it offers immediate and long-lasting results.
  • Fat can be injected to areas where hyaluronic acid dermal fillers cannot be injected.

If you wish to look younger and fresher the natural way, take advantage of autologous fat transfer. Creating a new you has never been this easy and safe. Request a personal consultation with Dr. Butka by calling us at 325-641-1927 or filling out this online contact form and find out how others maintain their youthful look through fat transfer!


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