Aqualipo Watered Down or the Real Thing?

  • Posted on: Aug 8 2012
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Aqua Lipo by Body Jet is another technique available for changing the shape of the body. For those searching for the “real thing” as far as aesthethic treatments which are available, the Aqua Lipo offers some unique aspects and features which could result in a higher degree of satisfaction.

The usual preoperative management includes local tumescent anesthesia (see subsequent blog). The same benefits of short recovery, less pain, low rate of complications, very low infection rate as any of the other techniques when compared to the usual liposuction done in an operating room under general anesthesia.

The Body Jet technology developed by HumanMed AG in Germany has several original and unique approaches. First, it uses a pulsating jet of saline solution mixed with anesthetic. The fan-shaped spray is aimed at adipose tissue in order to loosen the adipocytes (fat) from the structures of the surrounding tissue. This fat does not suffer serious damage or injury when removed in this fashion. It can be harvested and transferred to other parts of the body such as the face, breasts, buttocks, etc-for augmentation purposes (see subsequent blog).

Body Jet’s flow of fluid is directed toward the fatty tissue, loosens the fat cells and then can be gently aspirated into a collection system. Obviously different amounts of force can be applied both on the jets of fluids and the suction portion depending on the area of the body to be worked.

The procedure can also include light to moderate sedation. Afterwards, pressure dressings, or clothing can be applied to remove much of the fluid that may remain in the area. Very noticeable results can be seen by the next day in contrast to the laser assisted lipo techniques. However, Aqua Lipo can be combined with laser asisted lipo (Smartlipo, Slimlipo, Lipo Therme, Pro-lipo, etc.) when a tightening effect is desired in the sub dermal tissues for treatment of skin laxity.

In short, we have another unique tool available for assisted liposuction with the Aqua Lipo by BodyJet.

Hasta La Proxima!

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