When Nothing Seems to Work Against Cellulite, Velashape Steps In!

  • Posted on: Mar 31 2015
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Models - 20 Weight loss is supposedly as simple as getting off the couch to exercise and applying the “everything in moderation” mantra to your diet. Yet, the proliferation of all kinds of diets each year — from Atkins to Paleo to intermittent fasting — is proof that shedding the extra pounds is not easy. And cellulite is even harder to get rid of!

At Creative Image Laser Solutions, a Velashape procedure is a godsend for individuals who have attempted all kinds of diets and exercise routines to get rid of cellulite and smooth out unwanted lumps and bulges.

How Velashape works

The Velashape procedure is FDA-approved to eliminate or reduce the appearance of cellulite in the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. The technology combines light and radiofrequency energy, vacuum suction, and mechanical rollers in targeting superficial fat tissues responsible for the appearance of cellulite. Furthermore, the mechanical massage and deep heating involved in the treatment increases metabolism of the fat cells and improves blood circulation to the muscles at the same time.

Desired outcomes will be noticeable after the first or second treatment but results will last longer if treatments are extended to four to six sessions. In-office results at Creative Image Laser Solutions are normally within a 2- to 7-inch reduction in the circumference of the treated area.

If you have questions concerning Velashape, we’d love to hear from you today! Call 734-794-3786 or fill out one of our contact forms.

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