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A side shot of a woman's upper thigh and lower stomach. She's holding an orange up against her buttocks. At Creative Image, we offer a non-invasive option to shape your body and reduce fat, cellulite, and inches on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. VelaShape does this with a combination of radiofrequency energy, infrared light, massage rollers, and suction.

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What is VelaShape?

Approved by the FDA in 2007 for the temporary reduction of cellulite and the reduction of the size of the thighs, VelaShape uses a three-pronged approach. The combination of RF energy, infrared light energy, and vacuum technology causes deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue, and underlying collagen fibers. This heating, combined with vacuum pressure, stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin (the two proteins responsible for skin support). The result is a tightening of the skin with improved skin structure and texture.

VelaShape Treatment

At Creative Image Laser Solutions, our technicians apply the VelaShape handpiece directly to the surface of the skin in the target areas. Mechanical rollers on the handpiece massage and smooth out the skin. While this is done, infrared radio frequencies are directed onto and into the skin. The RF energy warms the underlying tissue (from 3-15mm in depth), causing the fat cells to melt and break up. This dissolved fat is then flushed from the body by the lymphatic system.

What does VelaShape feel like?

Our patients say their VelaShape procedures feel just like a warm, deep tissue massage. The treated areas will feel a sensation of warmth for several hours after your procedure, but this isn’t painful at all. You may have some minor redness, bruising, and swelling, but these resolve quickly. There isn’t any recovery time necessary after a VelaShape session.

When do my results show themselves?

While a tightening and smoothing sensation on the skin can be noticed immediately, the shrinking of the fat cells takes time. Over the course of your treatments, you will notice a reduction in both circumferences and the appearance of cellulite in the treated areas. To achieve maximum results, four to six weekly sessions are recommended. After that occasional touch-ups are recommended every few months.

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“The folks at Creative Image Laser Solutions are friendly, professional, and make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your visits. They offer and a wide range of services that tailor to most anyone’s needs. I highly recommend them!’ – Nick S. 

“I can’t say enough great things about Creative Image! Not only are the technicians knowledgable about skincare & the many different techniques available to help with pretty much anything, they’re also willing to go above and beyond to make you happy with your end product. And on top of all that, they have the most UP-2-Date technology you can find anywhere. If you’re needing anything done, check them out.” – Sarah D. 

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