Spider Veins are Scary

While October isn’t necessarily a scary month for the hordes of tiny goblins traipsing about in search of candy on Halloween night, it is a month that celebrates a good scare. You may have had that the first time you put on your swimsuit or shorts this spring as the temperatures in Brownwood started to rise. The cause of your fright? Those purple, blue, and red lines squiggling about on your ankles, calves, and thighs.

Ugh. Spider veins. This most unwelcome sign of aging is the last thing you want to see when you put on your swimsuit or golf skirt. But not to worry. Dr. Butka and our aestheticians at Creative Image Laser Solutions can get rid of those pesky spider vein clusters using sclerotherapy.

What causes spider veins to form?

Spider veins are more common in women, forming on the thighs, ankles, and calves. In younger women, hormone fluctuations due pregnancy can cause spider veins to form. Also, as we get older and the supporting muscles and tissue in our legs that support our veins as they push de-oxygenated blood back up to the heart weaken, blood can pool slightly in the veins. This pooling shows through the skin as spider veins.

Other factors that can create spider veins are heredity, weight fluctuations, and occupations where the person has to stand or sit for long periods of time during the day.

Do spider veins hurt?

In most cases spider veins are just a visual annoyance and don’t cause any discomfort. This is because the veins are very small, especially compared to larger varicose veins. Still in some people, spider veins can cause the legs to ache or cramp. Elevating the legs and wearing compression stockings can help ease this type of discomfort.

How do you remove spider veins?

At Creative Image, we use sclerotherapy to remove spider veins. You may hear some providers talk of treating spider veins with lasers, but Dr. Butka feels sclerotherapy provides a better solution.

Developed in the 1930s, sclerotherapy has been amazingly effective at removing spider veins, and continues to offer the most successful treatment. With sclerotherapy, a sclerosant agent consisting of mainly saline solution is injected directly into the targeted vein with a very tiny needle. Once inside the vein, this solution irritates the vein wall, causing it to collapse and close off the vein. The body instantly reroutes any blood to an adjacent healthier vein, and then it goes about absorbing the closed-off vein and its coagulated blood over the next few weeks.

How long does sclerotherapy take?

A sclerotherapy session at our beautiful Brownwood offices takes just 15-20 minutes in most cases. Dr. Butka can inject multiple vein clusters in a single appointment. Most spider veins need only a single treatment, but occasionally larger veins will need a follow-up.

Fall is a great time to get to work ridding your legs of obnoxious spider veins. Give us a call at Creative Image Laser Solutions, (325) 641-1927, to schedule your session.

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