Skin Tightening Laser Treatment — Does it Work?

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2014
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Aging, decreasing elasticity, and loss of supporting volume leads to sagging in the skin on our cheeks, neck, and abdomen. Exposure to the sun also plays a part. This loosening of the skin can make a person feel and look older than they actually are.

There are a number of cosmetic surgeries such as the tummy tuck and facelift that address loose, sagging skin. But many people seek to avoid the invasiveness of surgery, along with the resulting scars.

Skin tightening laser treatments are a viable alternative to surgery in these cases. There are a number of benefits to skin tightening laser treatments. Beyond the lack of scarring, there is virtually recovery time and no need to miss work and the like.

At Creative Image Laser Solution, we offer two types of skin tightening laser treatments — collagen stimulation and collagen shrinkage. Various skin types make one or the other more appropriate.

The results usually vary from person to person. But in most cases, people start to see their results after from three to six sessions. Since the downtime is minimal with this treatment, even five to six sessions can be done in the time it would take to have and recover from a single surgical procedure.

Reduction of lines and tightening of skin are the primary benefits of skin tightening laser treatments. Your results can be long lasting, if you adopt other preventive skin care practices.

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