Secret RF Microneedling

Adding radiofrequency energy to microneedling? Now that’s a great idea. If you haven’t heard of it, you could think it’s some top-secret new thing. Nope. It’s Secret RF, and we offer this innovative treatment at Creative Image Laser Solutions.

This innovative combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy delivery improves aging skin, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and other texture issues without any downtime.

What is Secret RF Microneedling?

Secret RF is a great new treatment that combines proven skin improvement delivered by microneedling with radiofrequency energy delivered into the dermis, initiating increased collagen production and collagen remodeling. This is a combination of two procedures into one. Everyone loves a two for one deal, especially your skin!

How is Secret RF Microneedling done?

The key to Secret RF is the two handpieces included with the Cutera system — a 64-pin handpiece and a 25-pin handpiece. The 64-pin handpiece covers the largest treatment area available, ideal for the face, neck, chest, and other areas of the body. The 25-pin handpiece is ideal for smaller, more delicate areas.

We can adjust the depth of the microneedles from 0.5mm to 3.5mm, depending on your skin problems. We then pass the Secret RF handpiece across the treatment area. The microneedles move up and down, penetrating the epidermis down into the skin’s second layer, the dermis. At the same time, the insulated needle tips deliver radiofrequency energy directly into the dermis. This keeps the surface skin from being damaged by the RF energy, as can happen when the RF energy has to penetrate from outside in other skin tightening procedures.

How does Secret RF improve my skin?

By combining two procedures into one, and delivering the RF energy directly under the skin (rather than through the epidermis), Secret RF creates two levels of skin improvement.

First, microneedling creates hundreds of microscopic punctures in the epidermis down into the dermis. The punctures are so small they heal within just a few hours. The body, however, believes it has been wounded with all of these tiny incursions into the dermis layer. It initiates a healing response in the skin. First, the skin actively remodels the existing collagen, instantly tightening the skin. Then it signals to increase production of collagen, the protein in the skin responsible for the skin’s underlying support structure. It also increases elastin production, which helps the skin with elasticity and suppleness. The end result is that the skin firms, creates new cells, helps to break down existing scars and large pores, and then sends supplies of new collagen and elastin to the area.

Second, Secret RF delivers radiofrequency energy directly into the dermis. When the RF energy enters the dermis, it converts to heat energy. When the body senses heat in the dermis layer, it assumes there has been a wound. It immediately remodels the existing collagen in the area, tightening the skin. And then it gets busy “healing” the perceived wounds with new collagen and skin cells.

This combination works to improve the skin without downtime.

Interested in improving your skin with our new secret at Creative Image Laser Solutions? Call us and ask about Secret RF, (325) 641-1927.

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