Restylane vs. Perlane — Cousins but Not Brothers

Dermal Fillers Brownwood, TX Fillers used to be pretty simple. There were Juvederm and Restylane. Both were first approved by the FDA in 2006.  Ever since then, the popularity of these two hyaluronic acid mainstays has led to the creation of many other fillers. Even within the Juvederm and Restylane brands, there are new formulations targeting different areas such as the lips.

Patients can become confused by the various fillers out there. It’s hard to know which filler is intended for what. Most fillers have been designed to target specific issues such as volume loss or deep creases. Two of the world’s most popular fillers, Restylane and Perlane, are confused because of the same company, QMed, makes them both. But they have different purposes. We offer both Restylane and Perlane at Creative Image Laser Solutions, so let’s get into the details of these two related dermal fillers.

Their similarities

As mentioned above, both Restylane and Perlane are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body responsible for giving the skin volume, hydration, and fullness. Unfortunately, as we age our hyaluronic acid production decreases, so our skin becomes laxer and prone to wrinkles and folds. At Creative Image Laser Solutions, both of these fillers are injected to fill the space between collagen and elastin fibers within the skin to restore lost volume. They also attract and bind to water molecules to hydrate and fill the injection area.

Their differences

Despite their similarities, Perlane and Restylane are complements to one another.


Perlane has a thicker consistency than Restylane. In fact, Perlane is three times thicker than Restylane. Because it is thicker, Perlane would have the potential to push the skin upward enough to be seen in the injection sites. Because of this thickness, Perlane needs fat in the area to help hide the filler. Its thickness makes Perlane excellent for adding volume to the cheeks, chin, and nasolabial folds. Perlane is great for moderate to severe folds.


Restylane is more popular than Perlane, having been injected over 13 million times. Its consistency is far thinner than Perlane. This allows Restylane to flow and spread out, so it is perfect for defining the lip edge or the hollows under the eyes. It works well on sensitive areas with finer wrinkles and thinner skin.

Duration? Perlane lasts longer because its thickness allows it to stay in the tissue longer. Restylane lasts about a year or more; Perlane six months longer than that.

So, now at least you know about these two popular fillers we offer at Creative Image Laser Solutions. If you’re interested in Restylane or Perlane, call us at 325-641-1927.

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