Don’t Invite Your Smile Lines to the Holiday Office Party

Smiling and laughing have been scientifically proven to be good for your health. Unfortunately, they’re not so good for our facial aging. Nasolabial folds, colloquially known as smile lines, run from the nose down to the corner of the mouth and are the result of hundreds of thousands of smiles over the years, coupled with thinning skin and declining amounts of collagen. Smile lines are one of the telltale signs of facial aging. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to bring them to your office holiday party in a few weeks. After a one-year hiatus due to COVID, holiday parties are back, and people are ready for the merriment. Now is a good time to get ready for those parties and other social engagements of the holiday season by coming see Dr. Butka and our team at Creative Image for Restylane or Juvederm injections to erase those smile lines and maybe some others. 

Dermal fillers 

The signs of aging on the mid to lower face result from different mechanisms than the prominent lines and wrinkles on the upper third of the face. On the upper third, muscle contractions under the skin when we make common expressions eventually form wrinkles on the surface skin. This happens as we age and our skin thins and loses some of the collagen supporting it. 

These wrinkles are crow’s feet, frown lines between the brows, and forehead lines. Botox is the key to erasing these wrinkles, as it relaxes the muscles causing the wrinkles on the skin above. 

Dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, don’t work on those wrinkles on the upper third of the face. Instead, they work on wrinkles and lines on the mid to lower face. These have nothing to do with muscle contractions; they are due to sun damage, environmental factors, and declining collagen. 

These are the above-mentioned smile lines, marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth downward, parentheses lines that frame the sides of the mouth, barcode lines above the lips, and others. When one of the Restylane or Juvederm fillers (each product has a line of different fillers) is injected beneath one of these lines or creases, the hyaluronic acid in the filler binds with nearby water molecules and instantly hydrates, plumps, and firms the area. When this happens, the line or crease is erased or thoroughly diminished in appearance. 

Now’s the time 

Now is the perfect time to come see us at Creative Image Laser Solutions to take care of your smile lines and others with Restylane or Juvederm injections. That way you’ll be ready to return to the social world this holiday season. And we’re all ready for that! 

Call us at (325) 641-1927 to make your appointment.

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