Dealing with Man Boobs and Knowing When to Go for Surgery

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2014
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Male breast enlargement does not just affect a guy’s overall appearance, but it could also hurt his self-esteem. Guys want to look masculine and an enlarged breast area will not help in achieving their goals. Here at Creative Image Laser Solutions, Dr. Butka performs male breast reduction in Brownwood to reduce breast size and give men their confidence and muscular look back.

A lot of men do not consider surgery right away as they prefer to try natural methods of dealing with their enlarged breasts first. We have listed the methods you can try in order to reduce breast size. Then again, you also have to know when to go for surgery.


A nutritious diet can help reduce breast size. Eat fruits and vegetables for snacks and avoid sodas. You also have to minimize your intake of sugar-rich and fatty foods. If you love meat, go for leaner cuts. It is also advisable that you eat more fish and chicken than meat. Substitute noodles and white rice with whole grains.


Move your body and exercise regularly. Cardio exercises like jogging and running on a treadmill burn calories and body fat. Swimming is also helpful. The breast stroke in particular helps reduce breast size. You can also do weight training to develop chest muscles.


It is important to consult a physician first before taking any medications that address enlarged breasts.


In case a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications do not work, it is best to consider surgery. Dr. Butka does laser-assisted liposuction to address breast enlargement in men. Tumescent anesthesia is used to minimize pain. Also, incisions are small and are hardly noticeable a couple of days after the procedure. Recovery is also quick and patients can resume normal activities a few days after.

If you are embarrassed by your enlarged breasts and have not found relief through other treatments, consider laser-assisted liposuction and request a consultation with Dr. Butka today by calling 325-641-1927 or filling out this online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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