Brownwood Cosmetic Treatments: 2 Easy Ways to Look (and Feel)Younger

  • Posted on: Apr 9 2013
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While it’s entirely true that nothing could lasts forever, delaying the signs of aging to help you look and feel younger is very much possible. Dr. Gary Butka and the rest of his well-trained staff at the Creative Image Laser Solutions take great pride providing the safest Brownwood cosmetic procedures necessary to help you look and feel young, including hormone and anti-aging therapies.

The following anti-aging strategies will help you make you look and feel younger than your real age:

Have More Sunshine in Your Life

While tanning is strongly discouraged, soaking up in a healthy dose of sunshine has been shown to actually help you strengthen your immune system. Researchers found out that your body converts  the inactive Vitamin D to its active counterpart when you’re exposed to strong sunlight. Vitamin D, it turns out, turns on a gene which runs an overall check of errors in your DNA and consequently kill them.

Recommendations for sunlight exposure are pegged at 10 to 20 minutes a day. Vitamin D supplements could also be taken: 1000 International Units (IU) for those below 60 years old and 1200 International Units for individuals above 60  years old.

Go Whole on Your Grains

While whole grains are already a trend amongst nutrition and fitness experts, it is important for you to be more cautious and double-check labels. When shopping for oatmeal, flour, rice, and other grain products, always check for the word “100 percent whole-grain” rather than just “whole grain”.

Benefits of a whole grain diet include lower risk of heart disease and stable levels of blood sugar. Also, whole grains make you feel fuller without eating too much hence you get to lose weight at the same time. Excellent examples of incorporating whole grain sources to your daily diet include brown rice, soba noodles, sandwiches using whole-grain breads, and whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and bran flakes.

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