8 Fast Facts on Hypothyroidism

  • Posted on: Jan 2 2013
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As the largest endocrine gland in the body, the thyroid gland plays a large role in one’s overall health and wellness. Thyroid disorders are particularly common among women, especially those aged 60 and above. Dr. Gary Butka and the rest of his team at Creative Laser Solutions are committed to helping women of all ages battle hypothyroidism through a series of Brownwood hormone therapies for women.

Below is important information about your thyroid gland and hypothyroidism.

1. The thyroid gland’s function is, by and large, to control and regulate your body’s metabolic processes — ranging from growth to temperature control, weight gain and loss, to any activity in the body which requires energy. Your thyroid is ultimately the body’s master gland.

2. Congenital hypothyroidism occurs in 1 of 5,000 babies. The exact cause is unknown. Newborns are often screened for the aforementioned by taking a sample of their blood from their heels within 24 hours of birth.

3. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland produces lower than normal amount of its hormones.

4. Apart from being autoimmune in nature (no known cause), possible causes of hypothyroidism include constant or prolonged exposure to medications used in treating thyroid problems and random genetic events which lead to mutation of certain chromosomes. In the US,  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism.

5. In children, the most common signs of hypothyroidism are stunted growth, mental retardation and delayed puberty. In adults, symptoms which resemble mental and physical sluggishness are common such as memory loss, chronic fatigue, muscle ache and mood swings.

6. Goiter, or enlargement of the thyroid gland, occurs in some cases of hypothyroidism as a result of the pituitary gland’s compensatory reaction to the lesser than normal amount of thyroid hormones.

7.  Full diagnosis of hypothyroidism is often done through a series of blood tests.

8. Levothyroxine is the most common medication used in treating hypothyroidism. Generally, it works to reverse the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Progressive hormone replacement is often recommended for patients with accompanying cardiovascular problems.

All in all, the goal in treating hypothyroidism is to restore the normal function of the thyroid gland. For more information on treating thyroid disorders with Brownwood hormone replacements, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Butka by calling 325.641.1927 or by filling out this contact form.

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