Obesity – Don’t Weight!

I would like to let all of you know about our weight loss efforts. For years I have sought the answer to why do my weight loss patients gain all their weight back after a successful reduction in the poundage department?

I have switched the emphasis to another syllable! (sound it out) I now emphasize a change in eating choices, portion sizes, exercise-based activity. Behavioral studies have shown that 16 weeks of consistent effort does change eating habits.

I look for ways to maintain the desired weight rather than achieving a pre set goal. I have truly become a questing prig when it comes to eating habits.

I refer you to pictures of myself and the staff at Creative Image Laser Solutions office. By following our own “sage” advice to our patients, the results are easily visible.

If you want to maintain your weight loss, the longer road is the one to take. Honestly evaluating what and how much you eat is tantamount. The journey is beset with traps, ghosts and gobble ‘ums. Sincere, consistant effort with a little help from the medical director-i.e.-me can create a new image!

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