IPL Laser

Intense Pulse Light therapy is widely used in aesthetic medicine or med. spas.

The treatment consists of an average of 1-3 sessions. By selecting the type of light, brown spots, red spots, telangectagias (very tiny reddish veins) can be removed. The pigmented area is heated by the Intense Pulsed Light which produces the therapeutic effect without anesthesia.

A gel is normally used to cool the skin prior to the IPL treatment. Most patients mention a sensation of stinging or pinching while the light is being administered. Typical pain medication or anesthesia is not required.

The treatments usually take less than an hour’s time however the main variable is the size of the area requiring treatment. Results can be seen within one to three weeks as the darkened areas flake off and fade. Redness or telangectasia will become less intense and the mottled complexion will improve.

Immediately following a treatment, the skin will acquire a reddish hue. Brown spots will gradually darken, turn black at times, prior to flaking off.

We highly recommend careful maintenance of the skin after an IPL treatment. With further exposure to light or tanning beds, new brown spots, telangectasias and diffuse reddish coloration can appear. Using an adequate sunscreen is a good plan to preserve the investment in a freshened, rejuvenized look.

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