Your Quick Guide to Latisse for Darker and Fuller Eyelashes

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2013
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So you want some darker and fuller eyelashes? You might want to try Latisse in Brownwood! Originally approved in 2009 for treatment in individuals who have hypotrichosis (inability to regrow eyelashes), Latisse is now popular amongst those who want to cosmetically enhance their eyelashes.

How it Works

Latisse, manufactured by Allergan (the same people behind Botox), contains an active ingredient that is found in Lumigan, an anti-glaucoma drug. The eyelash enhancement properties of Latisse were accidentally discovered when glaucoma patients receiving Lumigan reported that their eyelashes seem to grow fuller, darker, and longer.

It is not fully understood yet how Latisse really works but it has been theorized that it increases the length of your eyelashes by extending the length of the growth phase.

Ideal Candidates

By and large, people with sparse eyelashes are ideal candidates for Latisse treatments in Brownwood. Apart from aesthetic enhancement, individuals with sparse eyelashes tend to experience frequent eye irritations from dust, dirt, and other debris.

Several contraindications for Latisse treatment include pregnant women, individuals with certain skin infections near the eyelids, and those with previous allergic reactions to drugs.

What to Expect After Treatment

Thicker and fuller eyelashes are most likely to appear around the 8th week of treatment. Full results are noticeable around the 16th week. The eyelashes would return to their normal state if you stop using Latisse.

Adverse Effects to Look Out For

The most common adverse effects of Latisse include red,itchy eyes and skin hyperpigmentation. You might want to be careful in applying Latisse as it could also promote hair growth in other areas.

Latisse Treatment in Brownwood, Texas

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