Thermirase in Brownwood, Texas

ThermiRase is a procedure to treat frown lines between the eyes with Radio Frequency (RF) energy.

It will treat the nerves that are responsible for causing muscles to frown.  There are 2 major nerves that are treated, one that runs from the outer to middle of the eyebrow and the other that runs along the side of the nose.  These nerves will have RF energy applied to them with a pen like probe.  The very tip of the probe is used to apply RF energy along the path of the nerve to interrupt nerve function.

ThermiRase is a 2 part procedure.  The first part is the nerve location process.  The physician will inject a local anesthetic to desensitize the areas.  He will then insert the probe first, at the outer edges of your eyebrows and second, alongside your nose to locate and treat the nerves.  During the nerve location process, you may feel a slight tingling.  The second part is the nerve treatment phase.  The physician will deliver the RF energy to treat the nerve.  This may be mildly to moderately uncomfortable.

Clinical research has shown that the effects of this procedure may last 12 months or more.

You can expect to have a relaxed, more natural appearance to the brown when ThermiRase is complete.  You will retain some mild muscle function.  Your brow will not be frozen.  Lines and wrinkling in the frown area will improve over time, but deeply ingrained lines may not completely disappear without the use of other injectables.

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