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Liposuction, also referred to as Liposculpture, is an effective surgical process that has become the most popular procedure for removing excess fat deposits from various body areas. Liposuction removes stubborn unwanted fat that you have not been able to diminish through diet and exercise. When unwanted fat is removed, it cannot come back to that area, because the fat cells are removed though a poor diet and nutrition after liposuction can cause fat to relocate to this area.

Modern advances to Liposuction surgery includes the use of tumescent anesthesia which allows for the patient to be awake during the procedure. Tumescent Anesthesia allows for an expansion of the adipose fat layer making it easier and more accessible for unwanted fat to be removed. Other benefits to tumescent anesthesia is that it uses a vasoconstrictor to reduce the bruising and edema associated with older techniques while allowing the doctor to use smaller cannulas that reduces injury to the area and allows the patient to heal in less time.

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Liposuction Procedure

It is important to understand that Liposuction surgery is permanent so the consultation process involved in determining expectations of the procedure is paramount to your satisfaction. There are many new special techniques, laser assisted devices, and other conjunctive treatments and procedures that can create the results that you expect. Liposuction as a stand-alone treatment eliminates fat from the body, these conjunctive treatments allow for the actual body sculpting one would expect from these type of procedures.

The actual surgery takes approximately (2) – (4) hours depending upon the extent of fat removal and areas being treated. Downtime is minimal as many people are able to return to work within a couple of days but is also dependent upon the area of correction. There are also conjunctive procedures that allow for body contouring when performing liposuction and this is called laser assisted lipolysis. Laser assisted lipolysis allows for partial emulsification of the fat that allows for greater amount of fat to be harvested and less trauma due to the ability to use smaller cannulas. Markings to the patient prior to the surgery allows for better results as different areas need to be feathered into other body areas and body sculpting can be achieved.

The fat cells that are suctioned are removed forever and will not come back despite opinions to the contrary. Most of the fat cells we are harvesting are situated under the skin in the adipose fat layer. The total number of fat cells that are present in a person’s body does not increase in number beyond teenage years. When a person gains weight after this procedure there is a possibility that the size of the fat cells could increase thus allowing more fat to be deposited in it. When one loses weight, the opposite occurs where fat is mobilized out of the fat cells and so these cells become smaller in size.

Liposuction Results

The result of liposuction is therefore permanent. Fat does not recollect in the treated areas even if one overeats though fat shifts could occur. It is advised to stick to a healthy dietary habit after liposuction, because fat can collect elsewhere, nutrition and daily exercise such as walking for half an hour is also advised. Liposuction is not a weight loss technique, and is not a cure for overall obesity. It is, however, a great way to get rid of those bulges that you cannot seem to get rid of any other way.

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