Sub-Ablative Laser Therapy

The latest in ablative laser technologies is the introduction and advent of new sub-ablative technologies using RF (Radio Frequency) to selective ablate tissue leaving surrounding tissue undamaged and accelerating the healing process. Do not confuse this type of radiofrequency device with others used for skin tightening as the light energies are specifically focused for sub-ablation of tissue.

Fractional sub-ablative treatments use both a 915nm diode matrix array in conjunction with radiofrequency to create strong thermal bands that penetrate in the deep dermis with minimal side effects for the epidermis. This allows the dermal layer of skin to be ablated while preserving the epidermis – all of which means no or minimal downtime to the patient. Only a small portion of the skin is ablated at one time, typically only 5-10% of the skin treated during each treatment, the total amount of skin that can ablated within a year is 30%. This partial ablation is achieved by taking the CO2 gas light energy and fractionate it by have a single pulse be broken into hundreds of small arrays of heat energies that coagulate and evaporate the skin in a very controlled manner.

The benefits to the skin are two-fold; the heat conducted to the collagen fibers of the skin causes collagen contraction (tightening) as well as collagen remodeling (new collagen production), and the overall heating of the skin layers again cause new collagen synethesis for over (1) year. Variability of settings allow for epidermal evaporisation of skin results include clearing of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and scars, all of these results are visible upon re-epithilialisation of the skin (< 30 days). The dermal inflammation caused by the sub-ablative procedures release mediators for collagen, stimulates new collagen production (1 week) and neo-collagen production for over (1) year. By producing additional collagen and eliminating vascular and pigmented lesions as well as recontouring scars this is a total comprehensive treatment to the face.

Anesthesia may or may not be required prior to the treatments but are topical for patient comfort. Downtime after the procedure is minimal and only inflamation and swelling of treated areas are expected but can vary based upon the patient and the aggressiveness of the treatment performed. Simple post-procedure instructions allow for complete repair and results continue for up to (1) year after the treatment(s). Turn back time and create a healthy new appearance to your skin.

Additional real benefits of these procedures include improvement to skin tonicity (tightening) and in the reduction of lines and wrinkles due to the new thickened bands of collagen created through the treatments. Where non-ablative lasers require numerous treatments and the results can be marginal many individuals are taking advantage of these more aggressive and dramatic results achieved by new sub-ablative technologies – Call us today to see for yourself the difference we can achieve for you and join the hundreds of happy patients in Brownwood, Abilene, Brady, Llano, San Angelo and other surrounding areas.

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