San Angelo & Abilene Cosmetic Care

Texas is big on everything.  One area that has come to the fore is cosmetic procedures and surgery.  All that southern sunshine and tanning booth sessions will definitely take a toll on the skin.  The extra-large burgers, barbecue, and steaks have nestled into areas of the body and left their mark with areas of stubborn fat that just won’t go away.  So, in a population of mostly middle aged women who want to look and feel good, Creative Image Laser Solutions has made a name for itself as one of the leading centers to provide patients with all the cosmetic TLC they need.  Creative Image, established in 2007, will continue to be there when you need them.  For those living just outside of Abilene and San Angelo Texas, we have become known as one of the leading places to get Botox, Tattoo Removal,  and liposuction for patients who want to be big on beauty.

At Creative Laser Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping our patients achieve a more youthful look using Botox injections that effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by exerting a temporary blocking effect on the frown muscles. Botox is injected directly into the underlying muscles to relax them and, by blocking chemical signals to signal the nerves to contract, it is able to relax the muscles of the patient’s face to reduce crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, and frown lines and forehead furrows on the patient’s forehead. The effects of this treatment with the botulinum toxin usually become evident after a few days.  Swelling from Botox usually subsides within twenty minutes with only occasional bruising occurring.  The younger and more relaxed appearance achieved with Botox can usually last between three to nine months and will need follow-up injections for maintenance. There is usually very little downtime associated with this process, and the patient can resume normal daily activities right after.

Another largely popular cosmetic procedure at Creative Laser Solutions is (laser-assisted) liposuction, and has been a favorite go-to for patients wanting to eliminate stubborn fat from different parts of their bodies. Necks, arms, hips, abdomens, thighs, and buttocks could benefit the most from this procedure by eliminating excess fat to effectively reshape the body when it becomes unresponsive to exercise or diet. Cosmetic experts at our establishment will discuss the procedure in detail and set realistic expectations with the patients to facilitate the outcome of the procedure. The implicated areas will be marked and then the surgeon will proceed to make incisions within this area to allow the cannula to gain access to the fat deposits, loosening or breaking it down, and subsequently suctioning it out of the body. This procedure is done with localized anesthesia.  The effects obtained using this technique are usually immediately noticeable, but will become more pronounced as the healing process continues and the swelling has gone down. The healing period will typically last for a few days with minimal time off work. During the healing time the patient is advised against taking part in strenuous physical activities to prevent post-operative complications.

Tattoo Removal is a unique quandary which has led to the development of an art in its own terms.  Whether you have a tattoo as the result of a youthful indiscretion, an impulse,  you want to erase a name that no longer belongs in your life, or you are wanting an update to a previously done area-Creative Image Laser Solutions can remove tattoos in an effective and professional manner.

For more information about Botox, Tattoo Removal, and Liposuction in San Angelo or Abilene, or to know more about other procedures at Creative Laser Solutions, call or visit us now to schedule a personal consultation.  Advance arrangements can be made to fit your schedule.