Liposuction and Cosmetic Dermatology in Stephenville

Laser Liposuction Stephenville TXLiposuction in Stephenville, TX has been widely accepted by many patients nowadays. The city of Stephenville, having been known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, offers along with its humongous and equally gratifying steaks, burgers, and barbeque. In a city with a population of 17, 123, only very few could resist this temptation. This brings about the production of stubborn fat in certain parts of the body that just doesn’t seem to go away even with exercise. Liposuction, also called as Liposculpture, is an effective solution to this problem.

Liposuction works by sucking out the extra fat from various parts in the body. These include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chin, arms, back, and several others. Being the most common procedure in America as well as in United Kingdom, liposuction involves using a hollow instrument, or a cannula, to remove fat from under the skin using a high pressure vacuum. Good candidates for this procedure are patients with stable body weight, but desire to remove undesirable fat deposits in certain areas in the body. One must remember that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure and certainly does not treat obesity. The treatment will not remove stretch marks, dimples, or cellulite in the body. It is only used for aesthetic purposes for patients who want to enhance or contour their body.

Another treatment that has received positive feedback lately is Filler injections. Over the years, our bodies normally use a naturally produced substance called hyaluronic acid, which is our body’s natural filler. As this substance eventually decreases in amount, our skin loses volume and sags in the process. Fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, and Belo Tero makes it possible to bring back the fullness of one’s face and even create the patient’s desired facial contour, filling the undesirable shallow areas on the face. The procedure could result to swelling and slight bruising during the first few days following treatment; however, the patient may be advised to apply cold compress to the affected area to minimize discomfort.

BotoxWe at Creative Image Laser Solutions also provide different facial aesthetic procedures such as Botox, Dysport, Latisse, chemical peels. Because of the undesirable effects that UV rays can do to our skin, the skin can age rapidly, causing wrinkles, pigmented lesions, and uneven skin tone. Cosmetic facial procedures such as chemical peels could bring back our face’s youthful look.
Tattoo removal has also given many patients satisfaction with the service. Apparently, tattoos do not last forever, since they can be removed through laser techniques. Using a high-intensity light beam, a tattoo’s pigment colors are broken up into tiny particles that should be easily removed. Black tattoo pigments are the easiest to remove since they absorb all laser wavelengths. However, at Creative Image Laser Solutions, tattoo removal in Stephenville offers four different wavelengths that could target a variety of colors, including red, green, and sky blue. Usually, this procedure requires 5 to 15 sessions in order to completely clear the design and allow the patient’s skin to return to its natural skin color.

We also provide other laser treatments such as laser hair removal. Unwanted hair in the face, underarms, legs, and bikini area could be unpleasing to others, but it can be eliminated using laser technology. To permanently remove hair, joules of light energy are used to destroy the hair root to result with a long term hair reduction.

For further information about procedures such as liposuction, Botox, tattoo removal, facial treatments, and other laser skin care procedures in Stephenville, give us a call and book a personal consultation with us today.