Titan Tighten or Tight One

Loosening or laxity of the skin is the biggest bugaboo when one is searching for a more youthful look. As one ages the ravages of time are the most evident in the skin and supportive tissues. Eyes sag, lips turn downward at the corners and wrinkles develop.

Your chin develops a clone or double chin. Breasts stretch to reach new lows. Buttocks fall to the knee level.

What can you do to reverse these trends? If the sag is large or extreme, more radical methods might be employed such as surgical resections of large areas of integument. Lesser grades can be improved with the Titan (by Cutera.) Research efforts were intensified by Kilmer and Russell in 2004 into non ablative skin tightening. Zelickson reported immediate collagen contraction with the Titan in 2005.

The treatment of skin laxity uses a wave length of 1100-1800nm. Long durations of the pulses of energy produce heating that is sustained and a safe method of collagen contraction. One of the problems encountered is that the heat produced cannot be easily contained or confined. How could the epidermis (deep skin layers) be conserved? Contact cooling of the surface was the answer.

Titan treatment of the skin uses wavelengths close to the infrared spectrum. Water absorbs the light to depths of 1-3mm. The results are immediate collagen contraction. Secondary results are long-term stimulation of collagen remolding (Denaturation) and the epidermis is protected from heat damage.

Titan-best results in 1 to 3 treatments at 1 to 3 month intervals-Observable improvement in 80% of treated patients immediately with only 2 adverse events out of 1000 patients treated reported by published sources from Cutera.

Consider skipping lunch and getting a Titan treatment. You’ll be back at work with very little redness. You can look better by the time you walk out of Creative Image Laser Solutions.

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